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16 L Room/Personal Air Cooler


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If you are looking for an energy-efficient, easy-to-use, and effective cooling solution, the Smartcool DX 16 CP1601H Room Air Cooler is ideal for you. It is equipped with a powerful blower fan and has an air delivery rate of up to 1300 cubic metres per hour, providing optimal cooling performance with a strong air throw. And, this air cooler features DenseNest Honeycomb pads, which boost water retention and enhance cooling performance. Moreover, with its low power consumption, this air cooler can help you keep your energy bills on the lower side.

16-liter water tank capacity: Ensures extended cooling periods without frequent refills.

Powerful airflow: Delivers cool air effectively to keep you comfortable.

Compact and portable design: Takes up minimal space and can be easily moved from room to room.

Energy-efficient operation: Saves you money on electricity bills.

Easy to use controls: Operate the cooler with ease for optimal comfort.

Multiple cooling speeds: Choose the airflow level that best suits your needs.

Stylish design: Complements any d?cor.


Cost-effective cooling: An energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners.

Ideal for small spaces: Perfectly sized for personal cooling or for use in small rooms.

Portable and convenient: Move it around the house to wherever you need cool air.

Easy to maintain: Simple to clean and refill.

Additional points to consider including:

Honeycomb cooling media for effective cooling
Ice chamber for enhanced cooling (if applicable)
Low noise operation for a peaceful environment
Auto shut-off for safety


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