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20 L Room/Personal Air Cooler


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You can keep your space cool and comfortable with the Smartcool DX 20CP2002H Room Air Cooler. It is designed to provide optimal cooling performance with an air delivery rate of up to 1300 cubic metres per hour. And, this air cooler’s powerful blower fan ensures a strong air throw. Besides, this air cooler is equipped with DenseNest Honeycomb pads that enhance water retention and provide high cooling performance. Furthermore, with its low power consumption, this air cooler operates energy-efficiently, helping you keep your electricity bills in check.
Powerful Airflow, Perfect for Personal Comfort:

Densenest? Honeycomb Cooling Pads: Experience superior cooling with ‘s unique Densenest? Honeycomb Cooling Pads. These pads offer a large surface area for efficient water evaporation, delivering a cooler and fresher airflow.

Powerful Air Delivery: Enjoy a cool breeze up to 25 feet away with the cooler’s impressive 1300 m?/hour airflow.

Adjustable Louvers: Direct the airflow exactly where you need it for personalized comfort.

Designed for Convenience and Energy Efficiency:

Low Power Consumption: Stay cool without breaking the bank. This air cooler operates at just 140W, keeping your energy bills low.

20L Water Tank Capacity: Enjoy extended cooling sessions with the large 20L water tank.

Ice Chamber for Extra Cooling: Add ice to the dedicated ice chamber for an extra boost of coolness on those scorching days.

Easy to Use Controls: Operate the cooler with ease using the simple knob controls.

Additional Features:

Dust Filter: Maintain clean, fresh air with the built-in dust filter.

Compact and Portable: The lightweight design and easy-to-move casters make it effortless to position the cooler wherever you need it.


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