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23 L Room/Personal Air Cooler


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Experience a refreshing breeze with the 23L Room/Personal Air Cooler. Enjoy its powerful cooling and strong air throw while its large capacity keeps your room cool and comfortable. Feel your stress melt away as this air cooler creates a calming atmosphere. Get a delightful respite from the heat with Air Cooler.

Powerful Cooling: Delivers cool air with an air delivery rate of up to 1300 cubic meters per hour.

Uniform Airflow: Ensures every corner of your room is cool with its four-way air deflection and 25ft. air throw.

Durable Cooling Pads: High-density honeycomb pads provide efficient and long-lasting cooling.

Everlast Pump: Designed to withstand high TDS levels in water, reducing the risk of jamming for smooth operation.

Automatic Swing: Provides wider air circulation for better cooling coverage.

Ice Chamber: For an extra boost of coolness, add ice to the chamber for even more refreshing air.

Low Power Consumption: Runs on just 165 watts, making it energy-saving and inverter compatible.

Mosquito Net: Protects you from pesky insects while you enjoy the cool breeze (on select models).

Additional benefits:

Easy to use and maintain
Stylish design that complements any d?cor


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