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35 L Room/Personal Air Cooler


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Stay cool and comfortable with the 35 L Room/Personal Air Cooler. Enjoy fast cooling with its 35L capacity air cooler, perfect for small spaces like your bedroom, office, or living room. Stay refreshed with the special honeycomb cooling pad that ensures effective performance and the four-way air deflection that evenly distributes cool air to every corner of the room. Stay ahead of the heat with this air cooler from !
Stay cool and comfortable during hot summers with the 35 L Room/Personal Air Cooler. This compact and efficient cooler is perfect for small rooms and personal spaces, offering a refreshing breeze to beat the heat.
Large Capacity Water Tank (35 liters): Enjoy extended cooling sessions without frequent refills. The generous 35-liter water tank ensures long-lasting operation, keeping you cool for hours.
4-Way Air Deflection: The adjustable louvers enable optimal air distribution throughout the room. You can direct the cool air flow exactly where you need it, creating a comfortable and cool environment.
Honeycomb Cooling Pads for Efficient Cooling: 35 L Air Cooler features high-performance honeycomb cooling pads that effectively trap dust particles while ensuring efficient water absorption and evaporation. This translates to superior cooling and a refreshing feel.
Multiple Speed Settings: Tailor the cooling intensity to your preference. Choose from a variety of fan speeds to create the perfect level of cool air circulation for your comfort.
Other Features:

Sleek and Stylish Design: The 35 L Air Cooler complements any modern home d?cor with its clean lines and elegant design.

Easy to Use Controls: Operate the cooler effortlessly with user-friendly control panel.

Mobility: Move the cooler around your home with ease, thanks to the convenient castor wheels.


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