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35 L Tower Air Cooler


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Enjoy the pleasure of cool air on summer afternoons with Diet 35T Personal Tower Air Cooler. With its 35-liter capacity tank, stay relaxed in the scorching heat of summer. The sleek and compact Diet 35T Cooler offers coverage of up to 15 square meters of the area under ideal conditions. Equipped with i-Pure technology this personal cooler uses multistage air pollution filters to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, allergens, dust particles, and other contaminants, resulting in a healthy and comfortable interior environment. Always remember to keep your doors and windows open for cross ventilation and effective cooling. Engineered with a powerful blower to provide strong and uniform air. Its honeycomb cooling pads with high water retention capacity and a cool flow dispenser that distributes water evenly to cool hot air quickly and provides enhanced cooling. For better performance change the pads regularly. Designed with ergonomic control knobs to offer easy operation and a premium look. Multi-directional wheels make it easy to move so that you won?t have to lug a cooler with water around on a hot summer afternoon. When it comes to power consumption, this energy-efficient cooler is thoughtfully designed to consume approximately 165 watts which makes it equivalent to operating on a running cost of a fan. Enjoy the brisk cool air without woying about the electric bill. Now no more woying about the power cuts as it runs efficiently on inverters too.
Key Features:

Large Capacity Water Tank (35 liters): Enjoy extended cooling sessions without frequent refills.

Powerful Blower & Honeycomb Pads: Experience efficient air circulation and superior cooling.

Cool Flow Dispenser: Enhances cooling performance for an extra refreshing feel.

i-Pure Technology: Multistage filtration combats dust, allergens, odors, and even bacteria for cleaner, healthier air.

Low Power Consumption (185 watts): Stay cool without breaking the bank on electricity bills.

Digital Touchscreen & Remote Control: Easily adjust settings and monitor operation for ultimate convenience.

Auto-Louvre Movement: Ensures uniform cool air distribution throughout the room.

Easy Mobility: Built-in wheels allow you to effortlessly move the cooler wherever you need it.

Additional points to consider adding:

Noise Level: Mention the noise level if it’s a quiet operating cooler.

Timer Function: If the cooler has a built-in timer, highlight this feature.


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