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37 L Room/Personal Air Cooler


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You can keep your space filled with plentiful air with the Air Cooler. It allows you to choose between three different fan speeds, including slow, medium, and high, giving you complete control over its operations. Furthermore, with an air throw of up to 8.534 m (28), this air cooler ensures high air delivery. And, the elegantly constructed louvres can also assist in air circulation in a certain direction. Moreover, this air cooler has an ice chamber that ensures a uniform distribution of chilly air, keeping you cool and calm even when the weather outside is blazing.
Powerful Airflow for Widespread Cooling:

Maxi-Cool Technology: Experience a powerful air throw of up to 28 ft (8.53 m), ensuring cool air reaches every corner of your room or open area.

4-Way Oscillating Louvers: Enjoy even and consistent cooling with louvers that distribute cool air in all directions.

Large Capacity for Long-Lasting Coolness:

37L Water Tank: The large capacity water tank allows for extended cooling sessions without frequent refills.

Ice Chamber: Add ice for an extra blast of cool air on scorching days.

Additional Features for Convenience and Comfort:

3 Speed Settings: Choose from low, medium, and high fan speeds to customize the airflow according to your needs.

Honeycomb Cooling Pads: Antibacterial honeycomb cooling pads effectively cool the air while helping to trap dust and impurities.

Easy Mobility: Castor wheels allow you to effortlessly move the cooler from room to room.

The 37L Room/Personal Air Cooler is the perfect choice for:

Living Rooms

Additional points to consider adding (based on availability):

Dust and Mosquito Filter: For an extra layer of protection against allergens and insects (if this model comes with this feature).

Silent Operation: If the noise level is particularly low, you can highlight this as a benefit for bedrooms or quiet areas.

Inverter Compatible: Mention if the cooler is compatible with inverters for areas with frequent power cuts.


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