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40 L Room/Personal Air Cooler


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Boasting a compact size, the Marvel 40 L Personal Air Cooler is ideal for residential or personal spaces. With its highly-dense honeycomb cooling pads, this air cooler ensures optimal cooling performance. And, its Everlast pump is less likely to jam, even at high water levels. Thanks to its multiple useful features, such as fully closable horizontal louvres, auto swing for vertical louvres, mosquito net, water inlet provision, and water level indicator, this air cooler provides safe operation and utmost cooling.
Key Features:

Large 40L Water Tank: Enjoy extended cooling sessions without frequent refills. The large capacity tank ensures hours of cool air circulation.

Powerful Air Delivery: The cooler boasts an air delivery rate of up to 1300 cu. m./hr, effectively cooling your space.

Wide-Angle Airflow: The 4-way air deflection ensures even cooling throughout the room.

Long Air Throw: Feel the cool breeze from across the room with the cooler’s impressive 26ft. air throw.

Fully Collapsible Swing: Direct the cool air exactly where you need it for optimal comfort.

Mosquito Net (Optional): Some models come with a mosquito net to keep pesky insects at bay while you enjoy the cool air.

Overload Protection: The cooler features overload protection for safe operation, even during voltage fluctuations.


Energy-Efficient Cooling: Air coolers are a more energy-saving alternative to air conditioners, making them an economical choice for keeping cool.

Portable Design: The compact and lightweight design with wheels allows for easy mobility around your home.

Fresh, Cool Air: Air coolers cool the air through natural evaporation, providing a refreshing and comfortable breeze.


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