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52 L Tower Air Cooler


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Stay cool and refreshed in any weather with the 52 L Tower Air Cooler. Its durable body and powerful motor provide efficient cooling while its large capacity offers continuous comfort. Enjoy the perfect climate for working, sleeping, or even lounging with this innovative air cooler.

Superior Cooling Performance: With a 52-liter water tank capacity, the Optimus Neo 52L ensures long-lasting cooling. Its high-density honeycomb pads deliver superior cooling, ensuring cool air circulates for hours.

Powerful Airflow: Enjoy invigorating air circulation with the air cooler’s robust blower that delivers up to 1350 m?/hr airflow.

4-Way Air Deflection: This convenient feature allows you to adjust the airflow direction to create a cool zone wherever you need it most.

Durable Everlast Pump: ‘s innovative Everlast Pump technology protects the air cooler from damage caused by high TDS levels in water, ensuring long-lasting and efficient operation.

Ice Chamber for Enhanced Cooling: Beat the peak heat with the built-in ice chamber. Simply add ice for an extra boost of cooling that will keep you feeling refreshed.

Easy Maintenance: The Optimus Neo 52L features a smooth finish for easy cleaning and a dedicated water drain outlet to prevent spills during water changes.

Mosquito Net: This thoughtful feature keeps mosquitos away, ensuring a healthy and hygienic cooling experience.

Auto-Fill Function (Optional): Select models come with an auto-fill function that automatically refills the water tank, saving you the hassle of manual refills.

Additional Features:

Remote control for added convenience (included with some models)
Operates on inverter power


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