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Personal Cooler-42L KCP-B420


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Experience ultimate cooling comfort with the Personal Cooler42L With its powerful cooling technology, this 42L cooler provides refreshing relief on hot days. Easily transportable and energy-efficient, it’s perfect for any space. Stay cool all season long with the Personal Cooler42L.
Powerful Cooling Performance:

Honeycomb Pads: Ensure effective and long-lasting cooling with uniform cold water distribution.

Powerful Air Throw: Feel the cool breeze from a distance, keeping you comfortable even on scorching days.

Ice Chamber: Add ice cubes for an extra boost of cooling power.

Shower Distribution Channel: Provides even water flow across the cooling pads, maximizing efficiency.

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

4-Way Air Deflection: Enjoy customizable cooling with auto vertical swing and manual horizontal swing for a cool and refreshing experience.

Water Level Indicator: Easily see when it’s time to refill the water tank for uninteupted cooling.

Inverter Compatible: Runs on a wide voltage range, so you can keep cool even during power fluctuations.

Memory Backup: Restarts with the same settings after a power outage, eliminating the need to readjust.

Compact Design: Lightweight and space-saving, perfect for smaller rooms or personal use.

8-Hour Sleep Timer: Set the cooler to turn off automatically after a chosen time, for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Remote Control: Operate the cooler from a distance (up to 5 meters) for added convenience.

Electronic Touch Panel: User-friendly interface for easy control of all settings.

Additional Features:

Empty Tank Alarm: Alerts you when the water tank is empty to prevent damage to the pump.

Dust and Mosquito Filter: Ensures clean and fresh air circulation.

360? Caster Wheels: Move the cooler around effortlessly for flexible cooling placement.


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